Huna Totem Corporation

Huna Totem Corporation

Huna Totem Corporation

Huna Totem Corporation was formed under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), enacted by Congress on December 18, 1971. ANCSA was meant to address the long-standing aboriginal land claims in Alaska and to provide economic development opportunities for the original landowners to become financially self-sustainable. ANCSA paved the way for the formation of 12 Alaska Native regional corporations and approximately 200 village corporations. Through strong leadership, a mindful board, and supportive shareholders, Huna Totem has made great strides in both protecting shareholder land in perpetuity and ensuring a sustainable corporation for future generations. Huna Totem is currently owned by over 1,450 Shareholders with aboriginal ties to the village of Hoonah in Southeast Alaska. Profits generated by Huna Totem and its subsidiaries benefit its shareholders through dividends, tuition assistance, and perpetuation of culture.

Since its incorporation in 1973, Huna Totem has become one of the most successful village corporations in Alaska. Through the years, there have been a wide variety of business ventures including timber harvesting, commercial real estate, and consumer products. Over the last decade, the focus has largely been in adventure and cultural tourism. Operating North America’s only privately-owned cruise ship destination, Huna Totem has invested over $100M in creating a globally recognized destination able to accommodate up to three cruise ships simultaneously and offering 35+ unparalleled adventures.

As part of its diversification efforts, Huna Totem has expanded into the federal market space by establishing the HunaTek portfolio. As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), Huna Totem has the unique ability to have multiple subsidiaries participate within the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program, designed to support small disadvantaged businesses. By leveraging the 8(a) program advantages, the HunaTek portfolio has and continues to build businesses with core competencies that directly support its Federal customers while providing employment and educational opportunities to Huna Totem Shareholders.


Huna Totem Corporation

9301 Glacier Highway
Suite 200
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907)789-8500

Huna Totem

Guiding Principles

Maintain our land in perpetuity.

Take pride in our past and value the wisdom of our elders.

Foster woosh jee een and diversity of thought.

Perpetuate our culture and land through prudent stewardship.

Improve opportunity for all our people.

Grow a healthy, diversified business that is transparent, innovative, and self-sustaining.

Continually think ahead and act on behalf of future generations.

Show respect, integrity, and be self-accountable.